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We work with you from the writing stage, through development to preproduction, all the way to project
completion.  With offices and contacts in many countries, we can also assist with locations and any crew
professionals that you may require.  We can also work as producers or line-producers for hire on
features. We’ve worked with 35mm, 16mm, HD, HDV and DV, and understand the nuances of medium and
high-budget production.

Through our network of contacts, we can also furnish your project with crew, support personnel (legal,
casting and accounting), and equipment at competitive costs.
Our script consulting service is the most advanced in history.  We know what makes a box office hit
because we have either financed them or consulted to the production companies on those projects in
many countries, including Australia, Canada, Britain and even Albania.  We've assisted first-time writers
as well as industry vets.   Most often, we instruct and coach writers in rewriting and prepare them for
working in development. Our Readers and Script Editors are second to none.
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For screenwriters we provide knowledge of basic film direction as well as script editing.  Those we teach
to be Readers know as much or more about the writing process than the writers whose script they are
providing Coverage on.

Our courses cover a wide range of areas in the film industry including: production management,
producing, screenwriting, directing, acting, development and many more.
Major Studios do not use the Harvard business model or they would fail the way Wall Street did.  Our
consultants work with all people, companies and talent throughout the entertainment and film industries
to expand their business and manage their careers.  Our consultants can also train your staff in the
business model Hollywood and now IBM, Microsoft and Diskeeper is now using.
We are instigating the introduction of serviced production offices around the world, starting with
Australia.  This way you will enjoy the comfort of a professional production office atmosphere anywhere
in the world with full use of all services, staff, equipment and amenities 24/7.
Freelancers can now have a website or you can advertise your production company, project or services
on our site.  Rates are listed below:
1 to 5-page web hosting &
Web page creation

For personal & business websites
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Display Advertising
Production Companies
Production services
Crew and Actors

$100   per year

Plans start from
$9.95 per month

$100 per month
$100 per month
$40   per month
Production Consulting
Production Consulting
Entertainment Industry Business Management
Entertainment Industry Business Management
Serviced Production Offices
Serviced Production Offices
Script Consulting
Script Consulting
Web Hosting & Advertising
Web Hosting & Advertising