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Best of the Early Years
1. Boom Sha La La Lo
2. Light across the valley
3. Coming home late again
4. Sweetest girl I've ever seen
5. Stick of Incense
6. The Wanderer's Song
7. Mr Curiosity
8. Natural High
Carry You In My Heart
1. Born To Be
2. Carry You In My Heart
3. Crazy
4. WildBird
5. Splinters of Ice
Sacred Games
1. Sacred Games
2. Arthur Streeton's Eyes
3. Tess
4. I Won't Get Over You
5. Something Is Happening
Rock 'N' Roll Mystics
1. Faces
2. School of Hard Knocks
4. Be Easy on the Friends Who Love You
5. Message From Peter
6. All the People in the World
Wonderchild's In Town
1. Your Beautiful
2. Your my little piece of toast
3. Rom Pom Pom
4. The Doughnut song
5. Rainfall
6. We love Animals
7. The little seed song
8. When I'm sick in bed
9. Mother Nature
For Children
Franco & Silverina and the Miracle of Trastaveri
A magical story of discovery for all children. Set in the Swiss/Italian
Alps, it's a story of faith and changes. Includes inspirational songs
such as ' Learning to love myself'.  Hans's unique story telling skills
bring this story to life creating images of magic and beauty which will
enchant all children.

6. Faces
7. I Won't Get Over You
8. Valley of Friends
9. Same Old Heart

6. Are We Listening
7. Living All By Yourself
8. Movies
9. Tilley
10. Wouldn't You Love To Love

9. Meet me in the valley
10. Runaway Children
11. Sylvie needs a sugar daddy
12. Under full sale
13. Lost and Found
14. Coming home the long way round
15. The world goes on

10. Old Man Didgeridoo
11. Poppa's Dancing song
12. Down by the station
13. Free Energy
14. We can call the rain
15. On our way
16. When anybody shares a little love
17. The Blue Dolphin Café
18. Goodnight sleep tight

7.Valley Of Friends
8. Wales are Human Too
Extra Tracks
9. She's a worry
10. Strangers In Paradise
Songs Hans Wrote But Didn't Record
Mi Mujer se Fue (Poulsen-Baarda)
Au Revoir Noumea (Poulsen-Baarda)
Antoinette (Poulsen)
Prelude to Peace (Poulsen)
Walk Fast Through the Alleys (Poulsen-Baarda)
Japanese Village (Poulsen-Baarda)
Song title
Albert the Albatross
Anything You Might Say
Anything You Might Say
Ding Dong who Rang
Don't Want to Lose You
Everybody's Girl
GTK theme
Lady Scorpio
Lady Scorpio
Lady Scorpio
Lucky Man
Only a Matter of Time
Pay the Waiter
Rose Coloured Glasses
Sunshine People
Swamp Crocodile
You on My Mind
You on My Mind
Bruce Woodley
Cilla Black (UK)
Franciscus Henri
New Seekers (UK)
Larry's Rebels (NZ)
Jolmny Farnham
Formyula (NZ)
Bruce Woodley
Russell Morris
Johnny Farnham
Johnny Farnham
Fourth House
Anne & Johnny Hawker
Marcie & the Cookies
Russell Morris
Known Unreleased Poulsen Songs

18CQ Single:
World Goes On/ I'm Gonna Treat You Good

18th Century Quartet Singles:
Rachael/ Distant Relative
I am a Lover/Drawing Room

Hans Poulsen: Singles
Rocking Chair / After Dinner Evening Stroll
Coming Home Late Again / Run Away Children
Boom Sha La La Lo / Mister Curiousity
Light Across The Valley / Jenny Come Out Of Hiding
Stick Of Incense / Getting Back To Nothing
Sweetest Girl I've Ever Seen / Seagull
Stork's Son g/ Bikie Theme
Meet Me In The Valley / Lost & Found
Sleepy Tovm Girl / Wanderer's Song

Hans Poulsen
Boom Sha La La Lo, Light Across The Valley / Sleepy Town Girl, Meet Me in the Valley.
Rest Your Weary Head

Natural High
(Boom Sha La, Melancholy World, Natural High, Realisation Riverboat Ray, Seagull, Silvy Needs a Sugar
Daddy, Sing the Song I Love You, Sleeping, Stick of Incense, Sweet Sue, Sweetest Girl I've Ever Seen,
There's a Light Across the Valley)

Lost & Found
(Comin' Home the Long Way, Goodnight Irene, Hayloft, Hoedown, Just Too Heavy, Kirsty, Lost & Found,
Love Games, Meet me in the Valley, Mother of Mercy, My Place, Under Full Sail, The Wanderer's Song)

Peace And Plenty (with David McKay)

The Wonderchild Family Sing-along Songbook - USA 197?
Dancing Shoes - USA 1977
Sacred Games  - Wonderchild 1989

Carry You in my Heart
Wonderchild’s in town
The Best of the Early Years

Bitter Beauty

Hans Poulsen wrote material for the Findhom Foundation (Scotland) 1972-75

Getting Back To Nothing (1970)
Stork (1971)
December Boys (2006) (The song 'Boom Sha La La Lo' was used without permission)

Can't be described in Words
What a Way to Look at Life
Hope and Anchor (not released)
Soundtrack: Getting Back To Nothing
Hans’ Songs: Getting Back To Nothing / Surf’s Up / Bomb Out Baby

Dave Clark’s Time the album - Capitol (UK) 12447 (1986)
The 8 tracks written by Hans Poulsen, and sung by:

  • Time Talkin - Ashford & Simpson
  • I know, I know - Leo Sayer
  • Starmaker - Ashford & Simpson
  • Time Will Teach Us All - Julian Lennon and Stevie Wonder
  • Within My World - Dionne Warwick
  • She’s So Beautiful - Cliff Richard
  • Beauty Truth Love Freedom Peace - Sir Laurence Oliver
  • If you Only Knew - Julian Lennon
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