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Subject: Thanks for the positive guidance

Comments: Hi Hans just wanted to thank
you for the positive influence that you had on
my life as a young boy of 12.  You were
always my idol. I loved your music, watched
everything on TV that i could, my luck talking
to you over the years was at live shopping
centre performances here in Perth or
waiting at the airport to get a record signed
on talking to you at Shalom where you
stayed in the little caravan on Fred
Robinson's property.  You really opened my
mind with the messages in your music and
lots of suggested reading material i.e.
Lobsang Rampa, Vera Stanley  Alder etc.  I
bought every bit of music i could of yours
and playing it was my vitamin pill or so to
speak natural high.  I would like to know
what is happening with you now.  I read you
were in a hospice somewhere.  I search for
information about you on the net from time
to time and I am now lucky that I have found
this site.  Thanks for the love and guidance
and making me think outside what is
perceived to be reality.

Lots of Love
Glen Oliver - Perth Western Australia