(Who He Is)
A gifted and prolific songwriter, Hans Poulsen was
the Australian version of Cat Stevens. He appeared
regularly on the ABC rock show GTK, and on Brian
Henderson's Bandstand. One of his biggest hits
was Boom Sha La La Lo. He also wrote 'Rose
Coloured Glasses' for John Farnham, and 'She's
So Beautiful' for Cliff Richards.
(His Music)
His music has brought joy to thousands of
people and many of his fans have wondered why
his music was no longer available. Hans's career
was cut short when he suffered first cancer, then
a stroke and spent several years in hospital, but
in true Hans style he sees the stroke as a gift,
that has brought him new levels of understanding.
(Where To From Here?)
Hans has not been idle, he has a virtual treasure
trove of music and stories for all, and now those
songs and stories are available directly through

Listen to just one of his songs and you will want
more, each song brings with it a message of life,
love and the environment.

Hans has an amazingly optimistic attitude and an
unshakable faith that everything works out for the
best. Just before his stroke Hans completed two
CDs, 'Carry You In My Heart' and 'Wonderchild's In