Hans Poulsen's Music (What's New)
We're happy to present Hans Poulsen to you as one of the world's
greatest musical New Age philosophers.

We are only releasing 200 units each of 6 of his albums to the
visitors of this site as a thank you to his many old and new fans.

This is the official Hans Poulsen website and the only place you can
order his albums... Many of which have been unreleased until now.

We will keep you up to date with all new releases and news on how
Hans is doing.

On the Discography page, you will be able to sample one of the
tracks from that particular album that is available for sale. Other
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and will then carry a sample track.

Hans Poulsen (Overview)
During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Danish-descendant,
singer/songwriter Hans Poulsen (born 7 March 1945) was
Australia's resident hippie.

His music is a pleasant and idealistic blend of soft-rock, pop,
country, folk and even has bluegrass elements. His melodies are
always enchanting and his lyrics delved into social and
environmental issues, alternative lifestyles, the meaning of life and
good old-fashioned love. Throughout his lengthy career, Hans
Poulsen continues to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on

A prolific songwriter with over 200 songs to his name, some of
these songs have become standards for such artists as:
John Lennon, The Dave Clark Five, Cilla Black, Jigsaw, John
Farnham, Julian Lennon, Leo Sayer, Stevie Wonder, Russell Morris,
Dionne Warwick, Cliff Richard, The Strangers, Ted Mulry Gang,
Bahloo, and Forth House.