Film Funding
Jobs At Westgarth
We teach Accredited Investors, Private Equity Groups, Venture Capitalists and
Angel Investors to work with the film industry.
We build and repair production companies so they are Box Office successful and
Sell post-production tools such as film editing suites and sound design tools.
We provide Managed Production Offices.
We teach international standard Screenwriting so production companies can buy
the best Screenplay/Teleplay possible.
We are the only company in the world that teaches screenwriters Characterization
and how to build characters. Our past students are working as Staff Writers on TV
series such as Supergirl, Once Upon A Time and the Star Trek franchise and films
that are international hits.
We provide state of the art film industry equipment and computer programs for
professional video & audio production, titling and disc authoring,
We provide complete Coverage, Script Analysis, Script Doctoring and Script
Editing services and advanced screenplay education.
Clients include DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, CBS, and others.
We are an Australian Owned company working in America, the UK, Bollywood
Russia, and Canada. We will be opening managed production offices in Australia
soon. You can donate to or invest in the project by going Here.
Are founding members of the International Producers Alliance.